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Acrobatic Trampoline Clinics

"With twenty years of experience in gymnastics & trampoline I know I can improve your results." - Greg Roe, GRT

GRT offers clinics for the competitive stream athlete. Our clinics focus on the more complicated technical aspects of the sport of trampoline that includes principals of physiology, psychology and technical biomechanics of the sport.  During our 3 - 4 day sessions we focus on unique and innovative drills, coupled with Greg's step-by-step approach to his coaching style that appeals to everyone; from young recreational athletes to senior national competitors. 


GRT will also work with the coaches to help develop a strong and applicable conditioning and flexibility program to create the ultimate well-rounded athlete. Trampoline is much more then biomechanics, it is how you prepare your body physically and mentally to accomplish your on-trampoline goals.

In addition, Greg is happy to work with your athletes one-on-one in private training sessions.  We encourage our gym owners to also invite the local media to promote GRT's involvement in your programs, thereby increasing your visibility.

"I love Greg's approach to training. Our athletes saw instant results and there was no transference of programs; in fact it has generated new faces in our gym and an exciting new revenue stream. We learned so much from Greg and everyone had a great experience" -

Paul Battaglia, Hi-NRG Gymnastix

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