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Trampoline Park Consulting & Investment Services

Greg Roe Trampoline offers Park Consulting and Investment services for individuals and corporations wishing to expand or open up new parks.  With a lifetime of experience in the gymnastics and trampoline industry, from recreational and rehabilitational to competitive and educational, GRT can assist you in the following areas: 

• Park Layouts and Floor Designs


Easily one of the most important aspects to any successful park. Without a well designed layout extra stresses can build up affecting all other aspects of the park.


• Staff Recruitment


It takes a very specific type of person to monitor your bouncers. By hand picking the correct staff through our process you will eliviate large amounts of stress.


• Trampoline Format and Equipment


Many injuries can be prevented simply by having the correct type of matts, pits, jumping blocks and /or other equipment. It is not always clearly evident which may be hazardous for your clients. 


• Social Media


Having a well constructed social media plan will help keep your audience focused on the core essence of your brand. This will ultimately help create the safe and fun atmosphere your business will profit from. 

• Portfolio Design

We have a dedicated in house team of expert marketing specialists with extensive backgrounds in portfolio managment to ensure you approach your potential investors with a comprehensive presentation. Our team consists  of many different backgrounds from sports marketing, TV production and public relations.

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