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Toronto, Ontario ~ Trampoline & Acrobatic Specialist

Greg Roe is an former Olympic Level Trampolinist and a member of Team Canada.  He is the founder and co-owner of Greg Roe Trampoline (GRT Inc.) who is known in the acrobatic world for his 'insane' stunt series on social media, as well as his appearances on popular TV shows such as America's Got Talent.  Greg is also known for his unique coaching style that mixes complex acrobatic and physiological principals with fun and easy application process that everyone can follow.

New Town, USA

At 17 I could barely do a round-off to save my life.
By 19, I managed to become a competitive powertumbler.
And just a few years later, I joined a level 5 cheer team which won a national championship, and went on to compete at worlds. But now, I travel the world helping athletes learn elite tumbling skills in half the time it would normally take using the very tips, tricks & shortcuts that I discovered.
Qualifications At A Glance
Certified Gymnastics & Trampoline Coach
A Decade’s Worth Of Experience
Nutrition Consultant
Author of The Cheer Diet
Founder of Addicted To Tumbling
Active Powerlifter
Voted 3rd Best Tumbler by Twist Magazine

New York, USA

Dagmar (Nissen) Munn

Green Valley, Arizona


As the daughter of George Nissen, the man who invented the trampoline in the 1930s - - I grew up bouncing on trampolines and watching my father introduce the sport world-wide. My professional years included a masters degree in Dance, several years coaching women's gymnastics and 27-years as Director of the first hospital-based complementary and alternative therapy center in the state of Iowa. Following my retirement I turned my attention back to the world of trampoline and saw the need to preserve its history. Through my many articles and collection of original trampoline films you will learn about the athletes, people and events that shaped trampoline history.

United States

Our story began with a simple article on Gymnastic Building the Gymnastic BodyStrength Training in 2003. Fitness enthusiasts responded by email asking for more and GymnasticBodies began. In the years since, tens of thousands have benefited from the knowledge of Coach Sommer’s 40 years as a USA JR National Team Coach. Entire new trends in bodyweight training and culture have formed as a result of GymnasticBodies and many students have become successful both in physical prowess and in life. As the student base grew, so did the resources GymnasticBodies made available. Once only a book and some DVDs, the curriculum has expanded into seminars and over 15 online courses, half of which have

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