First Official Skybound GTGames

Presented by GRT Escondido Sports Center 

California, USA

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It's always difficult for people to accept change! The same people criticizing these kids on backyard trampolines would probably be surprised to learn that skateboarding is now going to be an Olympic sport in 2020. For years people criticized skateboarding as a rebellious teenager activity linked to truancy and juvenile delinquents. It's crazy to think that skateboarding legends like Tony Hawk and events like the x-games would eventually elevate skateboarding to become a respected sport.

So what makes skateboarding safer than bouncing on a trampoline? The advances in technology to develop better quality equipment has helped their industry, just as it has benefited ours. The difference is that the skateboarding community has grown and been nurtured for decades and the knowledge and understanding of how to do tricks safely evolved with it. The “Gtramp” community, or backyard trampoline athlete community, is still a movement in its infancy but has steadily grown with the explosion of trampoline parks opening up in their cities. More kids today than a decade or two decades ago will go to trampoline parks to learn their skills, which they then translate into use on their own backyard trampoline. Trampoline parks also receive plenty of criticism for their “safety”, which is why we have created and now implemented a trampoline park safety certification program to help make trampoline parks safer.
This is the exact reason why SkyBound USA partnered with GRT, "At Skybound, we recognized the need to implement safer training and coaching for kids whom bounce on their backyard trampoline instead of on a $20,000 professional bed with a paid coach." ~ Ricky Lai, Marketing Manager, Skybound USA.
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