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Bringing Trampolines to the Children of Honduras

Greg Roe Trampoline
Seabound Charity
Skybound Trampolines arriving in Honduras this week, ready to offload and distribute. A local orphanage will be the first recipients and we are very proud of Seabound's efforts and the entire team working in Honduras.
Skybound Trampoline in Honduras

Skybound USA, a division of Fuloo LLC, have become the first Trampoline Manufacturer in North America to take steps towards improving and standardizing safety within the ‘garden trampoline industry,’ while partnering with Canadian Trampolinist Greg Roe of GRT and the Canadian based children’s charity, Seabound Trampoline International.  Skybound’s corporate philosophy is closely aligned with the message GRT Inc. has been delivering to the trampoline community worldwide -- creating a fun and safe environment for jumpers, achieved through a safe and educational training program.  

In August, GRT Inc. and Skybound USA will accompany Seabound Trampoline International to Honduras once again, this donated SkyBound Stratos 15 ft Garden Trampolines.  This mission, organized by Seabound, sets out to educate the public on the sport of trampoline.  By providing donated trampolines to the children of Honduras,  these organizations provide an outlet for fun, safe play, training and exercise.

“Seabound Trampoline International is proud to be working in partnership with GRT and Skybound USA in our collaborated launch to continue bringing the fun trampoline experience to the children of Honduras!” says Labell Manfini,  Co-founder and Executive Director of Seabound Trampoline International.  “Our unity has grown to include working relations with Honduran community leaders as well as various organizations who work to serve the needs of children's healthy development and community building!”

Greg Roe, co-founder of GRT Inc. partnered with Skybound USA due to his extensive experience and social awareness within the worldwide trampoline community, as well as SkyBound’s commitment to growing the sport of “#Gtramp” and bringing trampoline awareness to both the professionals and casual trampoline enthusiasts alike. Based on Greg’s step-by-step approach to training and putting safety first, Skybound USA’s CEO, Kiki Ji, believed in aligning with GRT’s mission for bridging the gap between the recreational enthusiasts and professional trampoline athletes, as well as providing a safe outlet for children living in under-served communities. GRT Inc. has facilitated a wonderful alliance between Skybound USA and Seabound Trampoline International that is now in full swing in Honduras. Just a few weeks into the trampoline program and it has already garnered great reviews from the clients, owners, volunteers, and employees.

“SkyBound USA is truly honored and committed to our new partnerships established with GRT Inc. and Seabound Trampoline International respectively, as well as our shared mission and goal of providing trampolines for training and community development in Honduras. Serving these children in their communities and providing them a safe outlet for fun and trampoline exercise makes us happy and validates our shared mission to serve others with grace.”Kiki Ji, Skybound USA, Founder & CEO

SkyBound USA is an emerging premium trampoline and outdoor accessories company that focuses on quality products and customer loyalty and satisfaction. SkyBound USA pursues promoting an active lifestyle for children by producing innovative and safe products that the whole family can use and love. Rest assured knowing Team SkyBound is fully committed to your safety so you can have hassle-free, no stress fun.  Our brand’s mission statement is, “Nurturing the inner-child in all of us by standardizing safety and excellence on every level.”

“I am happy to try and bridge the gap between the backyard enthusiast and the competitive world and Skybound provides a great quality products and an awesome platform from which to do so.” commented Greg Roe, co-founder of GRT.

Seabound Trampoline International is outreaching to the communities in Honduras by offering a trampoline program consisting of SkyBound’s donated portable garden trampolines along with donated Olympic sized trampolines.  Now, with the inclusion of portable backyard style trampolines provided by Skybound USA, the children will have even greater access locally to this fun and fitness oriented activity.

“This is an amazing co-ed sports opportunity for the people of Honduras!” says GRT co-founder Trish McGeer “Greg began working in partnership with the Seabound in 2014, bringing his unique style of coaching and enthusiasm to the program.  He worked alongside local firefighters, who are great leaders in implementing programs for youth mentorship in Honduras.”

The Honduras based program also addresses how to make the experience fun, safe and educational for the students. Working in groups with teacher interaction, all ages can benefit from the park, having fun, learning skills, being physically active. Implementing this new safety and awareness protocol created by GRT Inc. (Greg Roe Trampoline) has already taken off with enthusiasm.

“It's very exciting to work in collaboration to share in global resources and inspire opportunity to bridge the gap with our North American and countries who are faced with injustice and poverty; working with our youth through confidence building and learning new skills while building global friendships will foster opportunity that is imaginable for generations to come" added Manfini.

“This program is an important step in turning around the philosophy of trampolines. We are already seeing customers more engaged and having fun while learning skills,” comments McGeer. “We are both looking forward to meeting the children and watching how they implement what they have learned.”

The GRT workshops and clinics encourage staff to have a more hands-on approach to helping clients remain safe and learn basic skills. They can reduce the occurrence of injuries and increase the knowledge of safety in the trampoline park.

GRT has already attracted attention from other many acrobatic areas and is already branching out on a worldwide scale.  Having just worked with parks in Indonesia, New Zealand and Hong Kong, both Roe and McGeer hope to continue to expand their reach in order to bring an entirely new standard to the trampoline industry.

For more information on our Charity outreach program or to donate, please email us at Greg Roe Trampoline.


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