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Extreme Trampoline Debuts at Nitro Circus

Greg Roe at Nitro Circus
Greg Roe performs at Nitro Circus
Greg Roe performs at Nitro Circus

Greg Roe, former Team Canada Trampolinist has joined the Nitro Circus Team for their Australian Cap City Tour. Nitro Circus is one of the top traveling extreme sports shows lead by FMX superstar Travis Pastrana (USA). Made up of some of the best X- Games athletes from around the world, Nitro Circus has a massive following of fans for their Nitro Circus Live tour and on their social media platforms. Always pushing the limits of what is humanly possible, Nitro has helped reshape the way action sports are viewed across the world.

“In a world where authenticity is rare, Nitro Circus is the only action sports entertainment company that delivers the biggest and best mind blowing cross platform entertainment for daredevils and risk taking wannabes, in the spirit of fun, friendship and camaraderie.” ~ Nitro Circus

Greg Roe Performs Quintuple Flip  at Nitro Circus Live ~ Australian Tour 2016

Greg Roe, an acrobatic specialist from Canada has become the world’s first extreme trampoline athlete, in the hopes of bringing a wider audience to the sport. Trampoline is traditionally known as a branch of gymnastics, focusing more on artistic style and form rather than extreme stunts. He will be showcasing a more extreme side of what can be done on the trampoline, performing several “World Firsts” in the shows spanning across Australia from Perth to Melbourne. Roe performs in the show on a custom made ‘super’ trampoline that is 40% larger than a standard Olympic model. In addition, Roe has created his own stunts, doing flips and tricks never before seen in a show. He is currently the only athlete in the world that can perform stunts like this.

Greg is the only one of his kind in the trampoline world. He never stops thinking of new ways to push the limits of his capabilities. It is amazing he has been able to join athletes with a similar mindset.”  Trish McGeer ~ GRT Marketing Manager

Roe is well known in the Acrobatic Sports industry for his extreme high jumps with multiple flips and twists. Having performed on several television shows, including Das Supertalent (Germany) and Season 10 of America’s Got Talent in 2015, Roe has been able to separate himself from all other acrobats. He hopes to continue to redefine Trampoline as an extreme sport.

“I simply took all the principals of Trampoline I learned over the past 20 years and raised the stage in hopes of creating something new and extreme; something an  action sports audience has never seen before.” - Greg Roe

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