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11 Tumbling Hacks That Work So Well, It Almost Feels Like Cheating

Instead, try this simple two step process:

  1. Train your needle kicks to be as fast as possible. Really focus on driving those heels up (see video below)

  2. Once your needle kicks have become quick, work on snapping the feet together at the 12 o’clock position in the handstand.

Once you get good at that, it’s just a matter of doing the same thing during your round off. A fun and fool-proof drill is to try a round off on to a block. It’s really hard to do this unless you have a good drive from the back leg, and a pop off your shoulders. See the video below.

See my back tuck video below to see the end results.

This Article was originally written by Coach Sahil M. from and is Republished under permission, granted to GRT Inc. on December 18th.

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