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Hello Everyone,

Since we launched this website we have gotten a lot of inquiries for clinics and educational content. We are happy to keep providing information but are modifying how we do it. Instead of boring blog posts, we are creating an App that we call the GRT Network which will be home to hundreds of tutorials!

We have teamed up with TumblTrak to partner on the development of the videos for the App as they are a leader in the education and development of athletes and equipment for athletes in the acrobatic industry. They also understand the importance to help young athletes learn proper skill progression and keep them safe.

This new app will be one of a kind and will operate much like Wikipedia but with tutorials. I have already made over 150 tutorials and will be releasing new ones every week once the App is launched. These tutorials will be anywhere from 5-10 minutes long each and will focus on specific techniques that athletes need to learn in order to be well rounded athletes.

Over the years we have traveled the world and talked to different coaches from all walks of life. We are not claiming to know everything but are claiming to bring together the most information from around the world from different leaders within the industry.

Are you a Trampolinist? Gymnast? Diver? Tumbler? New coach? Athlete who just can't understand their coach? We have tutorials for class structure, periodization and skill tutorials; from proper set bounces to full routines and all the progression in between, performed by World Class athletes.

This app will take complicated techniques and simplify them for anyone to learn. We will be releasing a tutorial on Youtube every week leading up to the release of this app. We expect to be live within a few months.

If you know anyone who you think requires easy to understand FREE tutorials please let them know.

Thank you for your continued support!

Greg and Trish

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