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Extreme Cameraman Frank Vilaca

Have You Ever Been Chased By A Rally Car Or An Elephant?

On iTunes: This week we have Frank Vilaca, a cinematographer, producer and extreme videographer, that has filmed some of the most extreme videos in the world; including the popular TV show, 'Wild Things' with Dominic Monaghan (2012-2014). Learn how he was chased by a bull elephant and why . . .  and how he filmed a documentary on a climb up Mount Everest. He also talks about filming in extreme war zones such as Afghanistan and Rwanda and how his career almost ended on a rally car commercial shoot for Subaru Canada! Frank also filmed Greg Roe's first promotional video back in 2013 that helped launch his new business; the GRT Network.  Frank is also known for filming Convoy: War for the Atlantic Cinematographer (2009), Aftermath Cinematographer (2008-2010), Canada's Worst Driver (2005-2018) and Tales from the Organ Trade (2013)  . . . just to name a few!

**Some of the war discussions and images are sensitive so VIEWER DISCRETION is advised.** 

NEXT WEEK: Logan Dooley, US Trampoline Olympian.  Logan has been a long time supporter of our freestyle movement and has been a judge at the GTGamesUS for 3 years.  Hear his story of how he fell in love with Trampoline and his OLYMPIC DREAM!!  It is a motivational story any young athlete will enjoy!

We also have a complete educational program through the Freestyle Trampoline Association for any athlete, either traditional or Freestyle, who wants to learn EVERY TRICK ON A TRAMPOLINE, from learning to bounce up to Olympic level skills like triples and quads! We also have a hub of Influencer videos and tutorials from leaders in the industry!

Our FTA Content Creator Program partners athletes with brands across the world on paid projects! Ask us about it!

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