These posters offer all athletes and coaches a simple reference during training to the deductions, biomechanics and concepts of competiitve trampoline. Many facilities stick them to the wall near the trampoline for easy access. Created by Leo Kimble.

Competitive Skills Reference Posters

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Color: Black

    A professionaly designed reference guide to stick on the walls near the trampoline or to give to all your coaches. It comes with 14 different slides all refering to major concepts such as:


    3/4 Back Tuck

    3/4 Back Pike

    3/4 Back Straight

    Back Tuck

    Back Pike

    Back Straight

    Back Full

    Cody Tuck

    Cody Pike

    Cody Straight

    Double Back Tuck

    Double Back Pike

    Double Back Straight


    Each poster describes biomechanics,  competitive deductions and proper positioning on the trampoline. This is a great resource for all coaches, athletes and even parents of your gym.


    This product is available to download and will be provided in PDF format via email

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