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Trampoline Parks

Introducing the GRT Staff Certification Workshops

Our workshops are part of our Consulting Program for recreational Trampoline Parks.  Created by Canadian Trampolinist Greg Roe after years of training, coaching and competition, the program aims to educate, develop and teach safety awareness to Park employees. As well, we show them the importance of their role as floor monitors.

Welcome to the GRT Certification Program!  This is the very first step in understanding how to motivate, inspire and develop the skills of your employees.  The GRT approach is a "Step-By-Step” program improving Park safety, increasing customer satisfaction and engaging employees. We explore how to safely monitor the different areas of the Park, especially the large 'floor' area. By utilzing team building strategies we teach monitors how to engage with each other and with your clients. 

The GRT Certification method also teaches your staff how to have a more “hands on” approach to helping clients.  By doing so, you can improve safety, teach basic skills and have a fun experience with your clients while doing so.  They will learn how to reduce the occurrence of injuries and increase their general knowledge of safety rules in the trampoline park.

“I see the trampoline park in a totally different way now. I also feel confident helping individuals understand how to be safe and teach them a few cool tricks along the way” - Andrew 

We offer both a digital video based training program you can purchase for your park staff to watch as part of their training, or a comprehensive 3 day in house training program with Greg Roe and his Team.  For more information please CONTACT us or click the button below. 

Greg Roe Trampoline Park Training


In the introduction to the Certification process, participants are taught the importance of warming up the body to help prevent injuries prior to bouncing.

Greg Roe Trampoline Park Training

Employees will learn to identify risky situations before injuries occur and will be given the tools to appropriately help the client.

Greg Roe Trampoline Park Training

During peak hours in the Park, it is imperative monitors learn the skills necessary to spot potential hazards and how to prevent injuries in a quick timely manner.

Greg Roe Trampoline Park Training

One of the most popular areas in any trampoline park is the 'foam pit' - learning to monitor flips and new tricks and keeping the foam pit 'fluffed' is the focus of this lesson.

Greg Roe Trampoline Park Training


Learn how to correctly spot a new basic skill and how to safely and accurately position the body to reduce injuries upon landing.

Greg Roe Trampoline Park Training


There is a very specific way to safely monitor school groups,  By following this approach you will provide them with a fun and educational experience while greatly reducing injuries. 

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