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VIDEO ABOVE: Greg Roe and Trish McGeer highlight reel from their 2016-17 #GRTWorldtour as they travelled the globe for the past year.

Many thanks to every gym club and facility who have participated in our first #GRTworldtour to date!! Also thank you to TumblTrak for sponsoring the Tour. 

The original concept of our 2016 -17 Clinic Tour was to offer series of GRT training sessions, by working closely with the coaches, athletes and staff across three different industries, in an effort to unite them in the spirit of co-operation and understanding.  By doing this we are showcasing Greg's talents while we also increase skill development, progression, safety awareness and hands on ability.  All in a step-by-step approach that Greg developed from his years of experience in both the gymnastics and trampoline competitive world.

In addition to this, and even more importantly, we hope to spark interest and conversations about acrobatics and show there is more to the sport. We are engaging in open discussions with the Federations to show athletes there is a future beyond competitive sport.  We want the industry to know the burgeoning new acrobatic disciplines such as parkour, freerunning, freejumping and garden trampoline don’t have to stay in the small community in which they currently reside; the rest of the world can get involved.  Athletes can have a future outside of sport and competition.    

We are not limiting our clinics to just competitive facilities.  There has to be a cross-over from the kids on their garden tramps to those who go to trampoline parks.  We listen to the young athletes of today talk, we receive countless emails around the world and videos from those who need an avenue to express their talents and skills, learn in a safe manner and have the freedom to express themselves without being ‘judged’ (literally).  Right now this does not exist.  We are trying to change that!!

We deliver the clinic in a fun and educational way so the athletes can see that training can be both fun and educational. Many athletes, including myself have this idea that unless you are doing a typical standard list of drills and sets and reps over and over again, you are not going to improve. Of course you need those drills, but they need to be balanced with a lot more creative training and fun. You do not have to choose between a fun warm up and a productive one. It can be the same thing.

Overall we want coaches and athletes to work together as a team with the older athletes taking more responsibility for their training and asking more questions so they understand the principles behind the skills. The coaches need to try and explain how  skill is done and break it down, explaining as well WHY it is done that way.  Also I like to see people being more creative with training to keep the athletes engaged. Many coaches are starting to think along these terms and we simply want to encourage this pathway instead of promoting stagnant training. If the athletes are having fun that is most important because they will be more committed to the sport long term. If they are more committed to the sport they will retain the lessons. That is the real goal of this tour when it boils down to it.


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