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Greg Roe Trampoline ~ GRT Network Inc.

Greg & Lords of Gravity from Hungary film a video of trampoline skills with Devin Supertramp.

Greg MC's the Freestyle Trampoline World Championships in London, 2023. Watch on Caffeine TV.

Greg Roe, co-owner of Greg Roe Trampoline (GRT Network Inc.) is a Canadian Trampolinist who is known in the acrobatic world for his insane stunts on social media, as well as his appearances on popular TV shows such as America's Got Talent.  Greg is also known for his unique coaching style that mixes complex acrobatic and physiological principals with fun and easy application process that everyone can follow.


Greg began his acrobatic career at the age of 8 when he was enrolled in Gymnastics. He quickly excelled to National Champion on Parallel Bars and then moved into Trampoline were he developed his skills, pushing himself to the limit.  Greg has a unique outlook on training compared to others in the industry because the mentality for gymnastics and trampoline were different.  He is interested in learning the exact mechanics of every skill he attempts.  At the same time he applies lessons from his Kinesiology background into his training regime, which gives him his uncanny aerial awareness ability. 

Greg partnered with sports marketing professional Trish McGeer in 2012, which helped launch GRT to the next level in the acrobatic industry.  Quickly becoming industry leaders with their online videos and tutorials, they delivered Roe's thought process in an easy to understand method that any athlete could relate to.  This opened up opportunities to work with some of the best extreme acrobatics from around the world. GRT has now further developed these lessons into their new 'Unified Theory;'  a step-by-step approach to training, motivating and learning new skills.  Their aim is to bridge the gap between the competitive world and the recreational backyard enthusiast.  They have now embarked on a world-wide clinic tour. 

GRT also offers cross training for the professional or amateur athlete. During our 3 day training workshops, we focus on the more complicated technical aspects of the skills you are trying to learn or perfect by utilizing the trampoline as a training aid to enhance your  sport. Principals of physiology, psychology and technical biomechanics of the sport will be focused on with coaching styles that appeal to young athletes or veteran competitors.  GRT will also work with the coaches to help develop a strong and applicable conditioning and flexibilty program to create the ultimate well-rounded athlete. Trampoline is much more then biomechanics, it is how you prepare your body physically and mentally to accomplish your on-trampoline goals.

Greg is also a Level 3 Coach, Level 2 Powerlifting NCCP, Personal Trainer & Respect In Sport Certified. 


"I really enjoyed working with Greg. I can't believe how much I could improve in a short period of time.  His delivery is cool and fun too!"

-  Danny Virsjen, Cirque du Soleil Performer - Teeterboard 

"I love Greg's delivery, it mixes very complex topics with fun examples in an easy to understand way. We had a blast!"

- Csanad Borlay - Lords of Gravity

"He's ridiculous.  He's so cool. Wow!!"

- Travis Pastrana during Greg Roe Training at Pastranaland -

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