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GRT Partners

GRT has partnered with companies who realize the importance of safety awareness and furthering the development of the trampoline industy.  We are seeking to grow the popular sport of trampoline and take it to the next level, by becoming a part of the extreme Action Sports world.  We believe that safety and proper skill development go hand in hand and our partners are the best at what they do in their industry.

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Rebound Therapy

Rebound Therapy training courses for gymnastic and trampoline clubs in the USA and Canada now available!!

Rebound Therapy is the phrase that describes the specific 'Eddy Anderson model' of trampoline therapy:- exercise therapy which uses trampolines to provide opportunities for movement, therapeutic exercise and recreation for people across the whole spectrum of special needs.  We have partnered with to bring you the genuine accredited and approved staff training courses with founder Eddy Anderson. By clicking on the SIGN UP BUTTON LEFT, you will be re-directed to REBOUND'S sign-up page so you can register for one of their courses right here and receive a 15% discount! 

Getta Gripp
GettaGripp is a beeswax based athletic grip that is hydrophobic, meaning that it is naturally repellant to water. This means that it will allow an athlete to maintain ideal grip even while wet. With GettaGripp, athletes of all sports will have an easier way to maximize their grip in any and every condition.  To use GettaGripp, apply the product directly to the skin and/or equipment being used where enhanced grip will benefit you and take your performance to the next level!
To order yours today, please click on the GettaGripp logo above!
Whistle Sports
Whistle Sports is a global sports media company. Launched in early 2014 as a YouTube digital network dedicated to creating sports content and engaging fans across multiple platforms, Whistle Sports now has about 280 partners and more than 75 million fans to date. They entertain, engage and empower the world with real, cool, fun and unexpected content and activations.

Baendit Eyewear

Working together with Baendit eyewear to offer the world's first bendable eyewear is perfect for the flipping and gtramp community, as they have the ability to flip outdoors in sunny conditions knowing their glasses will securely stay on!  


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