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Videographer Jacques Gaines Sits Down with Greg Roe to Discuss Video Production

Recently, Greg travelled to Quebec City to work with iSaute Trampoline Park and sat down to chat with videographer Jacques Gaines.

The video describes Jacques unique take on producing a video, how to develop your 'wish list' for your script and how important it is to the final production. As well, he describes organization of the film and editing. It's a personal, open and frank discussion and a look "behind the scenes" as Jacques prepares to film and edit Greg's trampoline park safety video.

On Jacques website, he describes his passion for creativity that led him into the world of video production ~ "I have been a creator all my life. Ever since I can remember I have been working on, or starting, different artistic projects. My early years were marked by my willingness to get a University degree. For many years I fought with my creative side attempting to do the right thing and pursue a degree in finance. I did attain that degree but rapidly realized, upon graduating, that my strong points were not in this discipline. I love the fact that I have a degree. Business eductation has given me a savvy and sensitivity to business concerns more than many of my fellow artists but it is not why I was put on this planet. I was put here to create."

Many thanks to Jacques, Brian Tuppert and iSaute Trampoline Park, Quebec City for their time and wonderful facility.

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