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THE #GRTworldtour IS COMPLETE!!!!!

Hello Everyone!!!

I know it has been a while since I have made an article or blog post. We have been so busy on the world tour that it has been almost impossible to keep up with everything. We are currently working on a brand new modern subscription platform that will function much better then this site so please stay tuned to get exclusive access to this new platform.

As far as the world tour is concerned we crushed it! We went to over 40 countries with over 50 stops within 8 months! That is a whole bunch of clinics every week in a new city or new country.

We have learned so much about the world and the industry from a global aspect and are able to use this information to see the industry as a whole, not simply from one view. The state of industry is healthy and growing. We at GRT are focused on bridging the gap between the competitive athletes and coaches and the trampoline parks.

Even at the start of the tour many coaches still gave us a lot of grief about our involvement with trampoline parks. By the end of the 8 months we had noticed quite a switch once everyone knew our stance on the matter. I am proud to say that we were even able to combine artistic gymnastics with a trampoline park in Indonesia.

It is great to see that the world is evolving and starting to harness the energy within these parks, rather then just stay away. We see the parks as a way to rejuvenate a stagnant industry. Many would not call it "stagnant" but once we do a history lesson with Dr. Gerald George or Professor Ray Bright who are veterans of the industry from the early days you can see the long term path the sport has taken.

We want the sport to boom and thrive along with the other sports that pull in lots of money and eyeballs around the world. We simply think the format of the competition needs to be modified to adapt to the new age athlete and audience.

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A huge thanks to everyone who has supported our journey. Tumbl Trak has supported this world tour and seen our vision. We are extremely proud to have such as a well known company by our side.

Skybound Trampolines helped us set up the Honduras charity donations this year and was the key influence to the local community. We are now working on some amazing projects with them and charities around the world.

Special Thanks to Jumper Threads for supplying amazing tight fitting coaching and training shirts. Amazing for anyone who loves to Flip and Twist without getting lost in their clothes HAHAHAHA

We have many current projects on the go still and are focusing on remodeling the subscription to give you more information, more content and at a faster pace. We had many meeting in LA and have found an amazing solution by parting with some well known companies.

We are also about to revolutionize the trampoline park industry in North America and will be 100% committed by August. This will sure be exciting!

We have a million other projects on the go as well and we thank you for continuing to support our mission! Stay tuned for the update on the subscription platform!


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